Xe Champhone Day Tour

Only 90 minutes from Savannakhet, the Champhone District boasts a variety of cultural sites, wildlife, and wetlands. Brave the crowds of macaques in Monkey Forest, feed endangered soft shelled turtles at Turtle Lake, and observe the endangered Siamese crocodiles at the Crocodile Nursery.

Along the way, visit venerated Buddhist sites such as Hotay  Pidok, Wat Taleo, or even Wat Phoukor demon temple. 


Dongphouvieng Trekking

Katang Trail to the Secret Forest National Protected area

Experience untouched nature and local living nestled away in the Dong Phouvieng mountains in Savannakhet Province near the Vietnam border. 

On this 3 day, 2 night trek, you'll see a wide variety of ecosystems and wildlife (including rare silver langue monkeys) in the evening you'll be treated to a homestyle dinner and a showcase of traditional talent in singing, dancing, and storytelling. Finish the trip with a pleasant boat ride down the Xebanghieng River before heading back to town. 

# Walking in the forest and Wildlife seeing

# Xe Banging River Trip

# Experience Local Lifestyle

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Eld's Deer

Overnight Camping

Unplug from the demands of everyday life and relax in the solitude of the National Eld's Deer Sanctuary. 

During this overnight camping trip you'll be able to bike and hike over a sandy landscape through the forest while searching for a glimpse of one of the 170 Eld's Deer left in the wild. Bird enthusiasts will rejoice as there are over 277 native bird species within the protected area. 

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