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Only 90 minutes from Savannakhet, the Champhone District boasts a variety of cultural sites, wildlife, and wetlands. Brave the crowds of macaques in Monkey Forest, feed endangered soft shelled turtles at Turtle Lake, and observe the endangered Siamese crocodiles at the Crocodile Nursery. Along the way, visit venerated Buddhist sites such as Hotay Pidok, Wat Taleo, or even Wat Phoukor demon temple. Lunch is provided at Soui Reservoir, and if you have extra time you can book a boat tour through the lotus fields as you eat.

Duration:       Day Trip
Time:             9:00am-5:00pm
Location:      ChamphoneDistrict,SavannakhetProvince 

Price:            All inclusive*


Xe-Champhone Overnight

Get Up Close & Personal

For those travelers with an extra day to spend, the Xe Champhone Tour and Homestay is the best deal for value. Not only will you see a huge variety of wildlife (macaques, soft shelled turtles, Siamese crocodiles) and visit venerated Buddhist sites (HoTai Pidok, Taleo Old Temple, Wat Phoukor demon temple), you’ll also get unparalleled insight into the daily lives of villagers. As a guest in the village you’ll be treated like an honored family member. Additionally, each homestay village has it’s own special activity, and you can choose from the list below:

  • Get up close and personal with the lives of fisher man at Soui Reservoir.

  • Make a traditional festival dessert in Monkey Forest.

  • Create a decorated banana leaf and marigold flower temple offering in Nonglamchan Village.

  • Observe the step by step process for making Lao’s famous rice whisky (and try it too!) in Taleo Village.

  • Try your hand at Savannakhet’s famous ikat indigo dyeing at Turtle Lake.

Duration:       Overnight

Time:             9:am (Day1)- 5pm (Day2) 

Location:       Champhone District, Savannakhet Province

Price:            All inclusive


Savannakhet Adventure

Off the Beaten Path For the more adventurous traveler we offer the chance to explore the great outdoors of the Xe Champhone Loop Kayaking, Camping, Cycling. You can taste local fish and the famous snails of Soui in one of the floating restaurants. With extra time, take a boat tour through the lotus fields as you eat.

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